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It's not a dating site. Likeapp is a tool that helps you make approaches to any girl in social networks. It will automatically and periodically like her, make comments on her photos and send her a nice message from your account. So finally she will come with your for coffee.

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“Wow. It's a great idea. I work too much and don't have time to look for a girl. Likeapp helps me a lot.”

Oleg Nikitin

“All the most beautiful girls in your city in a single application. They are selected according to your social circle and your preferences.”

Alex Akimov

“Good girls rarely sit on dating sites and they don't trust your profile. But with Likeapp you are playing on their territory with your rules.”

Alexander Gripp

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Get Likeapp for free and start hunting for the most beautiful girl straight away.

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All girls profiles are verified. No fake, no married, no engaged. Just beautiful girl, as they are.

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All actions are allowed and your account in social networks will not be banned.

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We found the best girl and we give the best tool to start comunicate with them.

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